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The rookie attack cut, Tang Die persuaded that the dolphins let them serve as close-end

After the draw on the day of the draft date, Miami dolphins gambled in the 13th shot and selected the highest-ended attack cut off the highest attack cut off. Down Sille (larecy tunsil). Maybe when dolphins pick Tang Die, they know that some of the other teams don’t know. Or maybe they envisaged that Tang Sier is not only an excellent left-off. Maybe they regard him as a multi-cappere player.

In the 1980s, Bill Walsh invented the West Coast attack, 49 strong rise, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice’s combination of Jerry Rice, the passing of attack gradually ruled the whole alliance. The 85-season bear team tells us that in addition to attack, the perfect defense can help the team win. Walter Payton, Earl Campbell, Marcus Allen, Eric Dickson (Eric Dickson), etc. Super Runa, etc. The offense has not been disappeared.

Mastro was the running backs coach who oversaw that effort.. We are playing with Monopoly money and Get Out Of Jail FreeLast season, the dolphin field is less than 20. The team’s starting close-up harmonard Jordan Camero has only completed 35 clicks to get 386 yards. In addition, Gain is known for its creative offensive tactics.

Candidate offensive cutoff Wolfs: array does not differ from left and right

Tristan Wirfs is one of the best offensive cuts this year. No matter whether the array is on the left or the right side, there is no difference between him.

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This is obviously not possible. Because, according to ESPN reporters, Adam Schefter reported that Tang Sier is trying to persuade the coach Adam Gase to let him have the opportunity to serve as close-end in the new season.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport said that if Johnson will be “quite surprised” next week, he said that the lion hopes that their heads can play in a 100% state. Kadville said last Friday, said that if the Johnson’s ankle is not obviously improved, they will not be taboo Johnson on the bench, Golden Tate will become the headed number of the team. hand.

Selected Pedon-Manning, Pony looked smooth on the way of rebuilding. The team’s fidelity is the fifth grade running to the Marshall – Folk, the foresee is called “top running guard”, but these four words cannot describe their essence, hit a less appropriate metaphor, the ejection guards It is a shank slaughter knife. You don’t have to hurt people’s life; and Folk is a whip, the speed is like a sword, the ball is silky, the past season can be almost every season. Bring the pushochie, 10 sho of the ball reaches and the ball, the excellent transcript, which is the cornerstone of this horses. The third grade external hand Marvin Harvin Harrison, in 1996, “outside the golden season”, he is one of them, this person is long, I like to stay a mustache, although only 6 feet high, But he never fears and any elite guards, plus first-class bounce, which makes him have the potential of future superstars. The second grade left side Tarik Glenn, a high body, the basic mean black player, is seen as an excellent dispeption that can protect the four-point guard side. Some teams in the defensive group were limited. In addition to the offset period, Jeff Burris, Jeff Burris, and Tyrone Poole, served as award, defensive front line Lis Johnson is the most capable player.

After losing it, Mantin thoughtfully chased the score, followed by a special attack, king, Manning tried to pass the Harrison, but the dolphin angleTrell-Bakley (Terrell Buckley) I will understand the intention, run into the pass route, and the eye is sent to the Manning career for the first time. Subsequently, Dolphin runs to Carrim Abduljabar (Karim Abdul-jabaar, yes, and NBA superstars only a letter, and also wearing 33) to complete the rush to reach, the dolphins 17-3 lead!

The draft celebration is on the party, the staff handed a pony blue jersey, No. 18, Pedon’s own number. This is the number of fathers who dressed in rebel, brothers passed through the number of Newman high school, now Pedon wants to fight the world’s highest rugby stage in the world with the glory of the world. After receiving the baptism of the magnesium lamp, Pedton turned to the next step to rush to Achi: “Dad, I can play cheap Nfl jerseys as you!”

Rivers may eventually decide to join other teams or retire. “It’s not entirely what I can make,” he said. “This is where I feel uncertain. We have to wait … I think this uncertainty has increased some emotions.”

“I feel most comfortable in the right trip, but I have two positions,” Wofles said in an interview. “This is really not important to me. The Phone Toner always said that he felt that the right cuts and the left-trip didn’t matter. He said that the attack is very scarce. People are always looking for offensive cut off. I will The play team wants me to play. If they need, I will fight security. “

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