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According to reports, if the general manager of ethnic minorities / main coaches have been working until the third year, the team’s four-wheeled sign can also be forwarded to 5 locations. If the staff is dried away by other teams, the club can also get compensation: departure as the head of coach / general manager = three-wheeled compensation sign; departure as a coordinator = five-wheel compensation sign.

NFL or give a minority team to sign a reward

US time on Friday, according to ESPN, the clubs hired to hire a minority to serve as the head or general manager, NFL may transfer their drafts forward, as a reward.

This move aims to rectify the ethnic diversity of alliances. If the team hires a minority to serve as a general manager or equivalent position, their three-wheeled sign can be forwarded to 16 positions, and the coach will lead 6 positions. .

When I was interviewed by ESPN reporter last week, he completed his 8th surgery in his eyes. 7 months ago, he began his first surgery, and his team was on October 31st. The team lost to Chicago, on December 1 last year, due to surgery, he missed the team’s game on the battle of Tissa, but then appeared in the game against Jacksonville, but the right eye was protected.

Saints selected a stricken cuthar Ruiet Ruiez (CESAR RUIZ), which supplements the space after the career warford. The team originally planned to protect the left-handed sharp, the second born center Yerk McKie (Erik McCoy), right harder

Breaking this is not NFL’s Sunday, but the “walking corpse” series of “walking dead”. The reason is also very simple & mdash; & mdash; walking corpse, there is money, there is sufficient promotion of TV series.

The 2013 season’s Night Tournament is an average of 17.7 million viewers in the average of 17 games. It is more than 4 episodes of 4 episodes that exceed the walking dead. However, the arrival of the movement will break this balance in the fifth season, because the fifth season of last week has 17.5 million fans to watch, the total number of visitors in DVR may be close to 22.5 million, the most important thing is that the audience is mainly distributed 18- 49 years old.

NFL’s 8-year popular record in Night Map, will be broken

Since the NETN Night Tournament has been maintained for the highest ratio of 8 years since the NFL Monday, the record has been maintained for 8 years, and ESPN said that their Sunday Night and Monday Night Series is a cable TV for 2 consecutive years. However, this continuous record may be broken next Monday, this season, Monday, gradually entered the second ratio area of ​​cable TV programs.

The difference between the bear team and Smith lies in whether Smith is banned from this impact. If he will receive a salary protection. Players will allow the team to cancel the guarantee income in the contract. Like Smith is expected to complete a large number of snappers that may be particularly impossible to impact new regulations than other positions.

The new rule allows the alliance to lose the number, Cheap Jerseys fine, expelled outstanding or banned players according to the severity of the fourth severity. It is worth noting that before the introduction of the new rules, the Danny Trevathan was banned due to a violent helmet hit by a violent helmet.

US time on Tuesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, professional bowls Left-legged Andrews Peat thumb fractures. The prior to Pitte is only confirmed that the hand is injured and does not participate in the Monday’s equipment training.

Helmet collision new regulation causes the bear team to sign a contract with Line Weites

Beijing July 29, when Chicago Bear is about to usher in the first preseason; & mdash; celebrities & mdash; & mdash; when they are still not signed with the first round of Xiu Luo-Smith SMIS (Roquan Smith).

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