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Detroit Lion Defensive Didwife Head Herde Anduro Tear Determination Season Reminder

Beijing August 15th, the Bath Detroit Lion Defensive Dragon Cold Kelry Hyder is the worst of the worse.

Hyde is reimbursed due to azo tear season. He was injured in the first preseason of the Lion to defeat Indianapolis Pimers. After the game, the lion coach Jim Card Valdwell said this is a serious injury, indicating today’s bad news.

This injury is obviously a big blow for the lion defensive group, cheap jerseys and last season Hyde is unexpectedly achieved. He obtained 8 killing and cheap nfl jerseys 1 time destroyed.

In the case where another defensive enduezkil-Ans-Ans, the EZKIEL ANSAH is still uncertain, the loss of Hyde means that the strength of the defensive group is sharply weakened. The lion has many excellent players in the defensive group, but the depth of the rushing position lineup is weak.

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