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George’s remarks immediately attracted many sicks, he immediately apologized for him to support Les: “I have to apologize to all the victims of all women and domestic violence, my original intention is not to read this thing. “The Pacers’ Chairman, the NBA Legend Nu Larry Bird (Larry Bird) also expressed his disappointment of George, he said:” George said too much, he did not realize the seriousness of things. We have talked with him and told him that both NBA or the pedestrian team will never tolerate this happening. “

NBA superstar refused to Rose defendThe star of the Indiana Pacers, Paul George, sent several twirs in Thursday, defending the Ray Rice of the Baldo Rice, while the latter is suffering from the scandal of domestic violence The dismissal of the crow and the stop penalty of NFL.

George said in the tweet: “Our attitude towards the Les event is like we treat the police violence! Persist, buddy!” Although George has deleted a lot of comments about this matter, Leave evidence, such as he said, “I don’t think you can be forgiven, but if both parties are not uncomfortable, why not let the guy will continue playing?”; “If you are talking about falling in love, the woman Suddenly, I will attack you, (you caught her), of course, I don’t think she. The buddy is wrong, come on. “

Bris said that the team has a “good plan” to control the pain of the foot and do not want to miss the last two weeks. For the American tiger, this is bad news, and they still have a weak playoffs at the time of war. “I want to fight for my teammates. This is the bottom line.” Bris said.

In July 32, Green has been one of the best external connections from the league since the tiger in 2011. His career has a total of 8907 yards, ranking fourth in this stage. He completed a total of 602 battles, and he obtained the 8907 code 63 times, and the number of ranking team is second.

Hayden in 2013 and 2014 was selected in the last season, fingers, fingers, ankles and brain shock injuries. He was put into the injury reserve list in mid-December and passed the union brain volatile inspection process on January 12 this year.

If there is a benefit of Hayden, he already knows that the team’s new defensive coordinator Lei-Horton’s defensive system, three years ago, Hordon served as a brown defense coordinator Dedicated to your career’s best season.

Tiger may take the external takeover A.j. Green use privileged player labelAccording to informed people, Cincinnati Tiger is now planning to take over A.j. Green (A.j. Green) uses a privileged player label.

Green said that if he could not get a long, he could not endanger his long-term future. “The privileged player label is worth 18 million US dollars, so I will not refuse,” Green said. “But this also means that they did not promise my future, in this case, I have to protect myself.”

Of course, if Brocco is really homoked, he may wait for a while to train with Green. In December last year, Green said if the team used the privileged player label, he did not participate in the team’s break training. He also said that he would not necessarily participate in the team training camp because he has to return to play.

For Kirtieregan.Com Tiger, which is widely considered to pick Louisana, Joe Burrow, who will pick Louisiana, Loue Burrow this year, Green is valuable to offensive groups. During the composite measurement, Bo said that if he was selected by the humble, he hoped that Green can be one of his own goals. “I think the better for any rookie, the better, A.j. It is one of the best players in this position for a long time,” Bo said.

It is worth noting that it is very confident that it is very confident that the ability of the Carolina Black Leopard in the third week of the Saint Carolina. Brisker is very confident. But the team finally let him break, Briscity returned in the next week.

Dai Ya received less than 50% of the survival given by the doctor at the time of cancer in 2014. Tiger last year, although I cut Dife, I still put him in the training list, and he finally returned to the list to complete 12 games.

Leah Still is far from the battlefield of cancer, it is far from we can compare on the court. Recently, the defensive line of Cincinnati Tiger Guard Von-Sille announced on its instagram, and his daughter is cured.

Last season, Green Bay packaging work earns money innovationYou may have a lot of good ideas to support your team how to spend money, but only when we can see how the team spend on the Green Bay package.

Brisse missed the training of Thursday to treat injuries, which might keep Saint believes that it is obliged to take care of and ensure that their ace is four-point guards remain healthy when entering the snippet.

It is reported that the packaging work last season net income of $ 48.9 million, as of March 31, the team completed a profit of $ 75 million, these two data increased by 68% and 91% from the previous year, even if you are not a financial order From these numbers, you can understand that there is no economic gap between the package and another 31 team team.

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