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At present, the contract of Marshale and Jets lasted until 2017. He once said that he didn’t want to replace the team, but for the jet to take the 2016 season’s super bowl before they need to find a new one. Quadruption or Continued Ryan Fitzpatrick.

This season Dwien only completed 7 games, contributing to the worst season of career, just completed 5 batches to promote 53 yards, the maximum number of passed, only 16 yards. Such data is obviously unable to acquire his contract, but he still has a guarantee of 9 million US dollars cheap Nfl jerseys from china Brown.

Be careful to treat Naji, which take over the top of his number, also said that Robson is unlikely to participate in the team in a next week’s mandatory mini training camp. But he expects Robinson to be prepared to participate in the July training camp.

“Seeing that he participated in the training is really great,” the coach Matt Nagy said. “His training performance is not enough to show his ability, but he participates in training and can do some ball training is a good sign.”

Vikings one up 3 files out, the first to score after 49 people. Emanuel – Sanders (Emmanuel Sanders) catch in this file attack twice, advancing a total of 33 yards. George – Kitt (George Kittle) let the ball 49 advancing to three-yard line before the end zone, the 后肯德里克 – Byrne (Kendrick Bourne) completed three yards touchdowns. Vikings quickly hit back, wide receiver Stephen Fung – Diggs (Stefon Diggs) with 41 yards touchdowns sensational, had rolled a pass interference fouls himself before cornerback Aji Luo – Wei Seth Boone (Ahkello Witherspoon). This is the second time the playoffs Diggs career touchdowns, touchdowns before he gave the Vikings a miracle comeback to lead the Saints to advance to the next round.

American Tiger Interested Trading Allen – HelsA year ago, the Jagua’s external handle Allen Hurns was expected, and they contracted with the contract for 4 million US dollars. But this year, their views seems to be very different.

Dwick-Bao, each time you get a ball, you can get 1.8 million US dollars.It is not too much to describe the Court Season of Cleveland Brown. As the Johnny Manziel team loses several starting players. All this seems to have become a brown style.

Although Jones can adapt to multiple locations, but he is best at rushing on the right sidewalk, he has 84.8% of the seats in the right side, so he will mainly and Pony in this game. Strong left-off, Antanyi-Cos, Costanzo. Kostean’s performance is very good, + 14.4’s pass protection evaluation points listed in the sixth place, only twice in this season. These two people will become a big look at the game.

Herns is the 2014 elected show, the 2015 season welcomes outbreak, complete 64 battles, get 1031 yards and 10 reaches. But last year’s output was significantly reduced, and Tom Coughlin may think that it is a mistake to the Hernos contract.

In fact, Brown did not completely pay the $ 9 million, the guarantee of the contract was composed of 6.25 million US dollars and 275 million beauty. The 6.25 million gold Delvene in 2015 is certain, which has made him a league. 20 high-income external connections.

After Viking Secret group had access punt sell mistakes, Rahim – Mostaert (Raheem Mostert) to press the ball 49 yard line 10 at a front end region. But a good starting position can not help attack the offensive end zone rounded out the group, they advance to stay at the three-yard line before the end zone, Gould play again for the team shot hit the free kick. 2:29 left in the game, the Vikings strong play failed hope of victory was to fall in the bottom. But after Anthony – Barr (Anthony Barr) caused Matt – Breda (Matt Breida) off the ball, gave the Vikings a chance. Thing is Cousins ​​twice captured and killed, back 19 yards, the Vikings final by only one 4-speed strong play yards failure, victory was officially 49 people in the bag.

Take the bear outside the army – Robinson’s first participation in training after knee injuryAfter signing the $ 42 million contract, Allen Robinson is the core member of the Chicago Bear Offensive Group.

But before this week, his teammates and coaches have not had a chance to gain the potential of Binson. The former Jacksonville American Tiger Star took over the first week of the knee in the first week of the knee, participated in the training on Wednesday.

Chandler-Jones will be the most important brings weapon of patriotsThis weekend New England patriot has a peak peak of the Indianapolis Pima, which is about to start, and the patriot can give Andrew Luck enough pressure to be one of the winners of the game. . The two teams have had a confrontation in the eleventh week of the regular season, and the patriot of the game shows a good state. Although only one killer is killed, there are 8 hits four-point guard, 14 times forced Rock Room Show, successfully limited Rock’s play. And the biggest rushing of the game patriot, Chandler Jones, is still in the injured state.

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