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Jiji four-point guard: I didn’t surprise my success

Beijing September 21, some people were surprised by the first quarter-biary of the Sixth Sixth Sixty-point Guarda – Ming Dynasty (Gardner minshew) became the first quarter-oriented performance of the Jacksonville American Tiger.

The team’s defensive end Michael Bennett is also thrown by the non-need to collide, Carol said: “Bente is just thinking that the ball. But then, everything is confusing.” The collision of the American Tiger Central is considered to be a conflict. However, according to the video, the NGT is only loyal to the ball, and he is also from the American Tiger player collided into the center of the leg.

“I don’t like the way this game is over.” Carol said today, “We have the level, there is no excuse to do that matter. All the players have been talked about me, they also said Understand. We will never do this. “

Jennings emphasized that Tannyhet should enjoy greater freedom in the attack: “This is not what Lian wants. He needs freedom. He needs to be able to make a decision on the court, this is a quartzer to get The right. If the team trusts him, he should give him a chance. If you want him to become a elite four-dimensional, you must change the way. “

At present, his foot injury is still not recovered, Jones still confesses for more than a month with such injuries. US time on Wednesday, Due to the discomfort of the foot, Jones absent the team’s training.

Jennings is inherited, and now Tanny Hiwell is still a small distance from the elite four: “To tell the truth, he is not the elite quarter-off. I used to be Brett Favre, Alon – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) did a teammate, I know what is the feeling of the great quadrant. “

Carol said that the performance of the Haiying player is unable tolerable.When the member of the defensive group was lost in the competition of the United States Tiger, after losing rational, the Seattle Sea Eagle The Pete Carroll expressed the disappointment of the player at the press conference.

Newton returns a good black panther towerOn August 18, Beijing time, the 2014 season Cheap nfl jerseys from china presenter is launched a focus. The Carolina Black Panther team is coming out of Cam-Newton, and the panther is overcast from the home of 28:16 to the Kansas City chief.

Hurio-Jones absence the team training but confirmationAtlanta Falcon’s star took over Julio Jones last week, the foot was injured last week, but the team said that he would have occurred normally in the Sunday Federation.

The Black Panther team’s four-point guardian’s return is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the game. This is the first official game after the Newton injury. In the game, Newton 9 passed 4 in 4 pushed 65 yards and was killed twice. Although people have a high expectation to him, but also in the recovery period did not make full power in the game. After he recovered, he recovered, and he only allowed the next game to be inspected.

“His leg muscles are very strong,” said the team coach Matt Lafleur. “I have talked with our coach team, we have never seen such a body-type runaway & mdash; & mdash; there is no in my career, I haven’t worried.”

Jennings: Tannyimir is not elite quartz Miami Dolphin hired Adam Gase to become a head coach, and the team hopes that Gas can help the four points to Ryan Tannehill to another level. Last week, the team outside the team, Greg Jennings, said in an interview that the previous coach restricted the development of Tanny Hill.

The chiefs were first drawn first in the competition, and they got a lead in two free ball scores. Subsequently, the Black Panther also in color. Jonathan Stewart runs twice, which makes the black panther in 14: 6. After the first half, the Emirates started counterattack, they first completed a 25-yard edition of any ball will be divided into close, and then the chief of the chief replaces the four-point Wei Alon – Murray (Aaron Murray) a 43 yard super long biography found the proximal end TRAVIS KELES is completed. The chief has completed the anti-Chao 16:14. In the subsequent competition, the black panther team has completed two times in the third end and the fourth quarter. Thereafter, the two sides did not build a tree, and finally overcome the Kansas City chief with 28:16 with the excellent performance of the offensive group.

Picking Dilon is surprised, because Jones play a breakthrough performance last season, in the offensive group, the total promotion of more than 1500 yards, and acquire the most 19 times in the column of columns. But Jones is about to enter the last year of the contract. The package can provide a new contract for the package.

Since the end of the draft, the package is praised by 6 feet high (about 1 meter 83), the weight of 247 pounds (about 112 kg), Dilon and the starting running, Aaron Jones, have greatly different. And this is what they first let him publicly appear in the media sight.

Remember, Ravlo once worked as a Tennessee Titan offensive coordinator in 2018 and worked together to run Derrick Henry. Henry’s official body data in Titan is a height of 6 feet (about 1 meter 91), with a weight 247 pounds (approximately 112 kg).

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