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Coinbase CEO Expresses Heartfelt Solidarity for Black Community

America, depressingly, proved once again that racism against the black community is far from over. The murder of George Floyd has triggered nationwide protests against police brutality and the exploitation of the African American community. Celebrities across the globe have shown their concern about the brutal killing of George committed by the Minneapolis City police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin has been suspended from duty and is now charged for second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Albeit a bit late, Brian Armstrong, founder and CEO of Coinbase Exchange, has opened up on the Black Lives Matter campaign and has strongly supported the protests that have rocked the entire country. In a Twitter thread, Brian stated equivocally that black lives matter.

In a subsequent tweet, he said,

Brian Armstrong said

While the countrywide protests were an outburst of decades of oppression, discrimination, and brutality, there is an urgent need for political and socio-economic reforms to empower the black community, and the Coinbase chief put much emphasis on this aspect. Brian has spoken to all the black employees of his organization to have a human understanding of the mental trauma they are subjected to, and what best can be done on his part.

Consequently, Brian said that the black community has unequal access to financial services in the US, and therefore, crypto can help them bridge this gap in the first place. Secondly, Brian has announced that Coinbase will donate $250,000 and will match an additional $250,000 from its employees to GiveCrypto and four other organizations chosen by its employees, for the betterment of underprivileged communities including the African Americans.

He also added that economic freedom has many positive effects and that Coinbase is dedicated and uniquely equipped to achieve its vision of economic freedom.

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