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Coinbase to Start 2020 With Successful Achievements

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Coinbase runs as a globally reputed cryptocurrency trading exchange, which caters to the requirements of thousands of investors through its world-class features on a daily basis. With operations spread over 190 countries, Coinbase facilitates the exchange of currencies through a secured, trusted, and economical interface. The start of 2020 has been quite exciting for the crypto exchange as it has paved the way for new innovations, launches, and developments. Given below are the major highlights of Coinbase’s strategic developments introduced at the beginning of January 2020, have a look:

  1. Coinbase Unveils Coinbase Pro App For Android Users

With an aim to allow more and more customers to enjoy access to its revolutionary exchange services, Coinbase launched its Coinbase Pro app for all the Android users on January 7, 2020. The app has been designed to provide a user-friendly, seamless, and convenient experience to the users while trading on the exchange platform. The android app is the alike version of the iOS-based app, which was launched by the exchange in October 2019.

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The Coinbase Pro app is studded with new features focused towards easing out the user experience while trading. It offers the investors to indulge in trading with over 50 trading pairs, makes deposits or withdrawals of both fiat as well as for cryptocurrencies, and access their account through passcode verification. The new pro version includes real-time candles, latest price figures, depth charts, order books for the users, which they can enjoy directly on the app at the same fees as the web application charges.

  1. Coinbase Pro Adds Cosmos (ATOM) To Network

On January 10, 2020, Coinbase announced that it would add popular crypto coin Cosmos (ATOM) in its network on January 13, 2020. The new listing will allow the investors operating on the exchange to trade with the two new trading pairs, namely, ATOM/USD and ATOM/BTC. After the completion of at least 12 hours span, the transfer-only mode for the coin came to an end and the users were allowed to trade on or after 10 AM Pacific Standard Time. Interestingly, the addition of ATOM into the Coinbase ecosystem saw a surge in the trading of the digital coin. The price of ATOM coin rose for more than 100% since the news of its listing surfaced in the crypto domain.

  1. McAfee & Coinbase CEO Support Privacy Coins

Through recent statements, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and founder of the leading software firm McAfee Associates, John MacAfee, supported the concept of privacy coins by opining a bullish trend about the controversial currency in 2020. Brian’s statement came following McAfee’s twitter post in which he praised the privacy coins and termed Bitcoin as ancient technology.

The supporting remarks of the two industry leaders witnessed a sudden rise in the value of Monero, a privacy coin by 30%. Monero left behind Bitcoin and gained 5% in the last week.

  1. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Gives Predictions For The New Decade

Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, shared his top 20 predictions for the blockchain industry in 2020 during a recent blog post. He stated that he is confident that this year will witness the adoption of a minimum of one privacy coin as a mainstream currency. He opined that the crypto industry would touch the mark of one billion customers by the end of the new decade. Major support will be lent out by the governments in strengthening the crypto arena, said Brian.

Brian gave birth to a new term named the “billionaire flippening.” The term suggests that there will be a situation in the future where BTC will roll at $200,000 worth and a majority of billionaires in the world will have their wealth in cryptocurrencies.

  1. Kraken Listed Coinbase-Circle Stablecoin USDC

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Kraken added the world’s fastest-growing stablecoin USDC (USD Coin) to its network. The USD Coin is a joint effort of Coinbase and a renowned payment firm, Circle. USDC is an ERC-20 based stablecoin which is backed by the U.S Dollar.


Coinbase stands tall as one of the biggest spot exchanges in the crypto industry. The Coinbase Pro platform ranks third in the CoinGecko’s list of the top 100 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of volume. The above achievements of the exchange indicate that the platform is all set to evolve as the leader in the crypto exchange sector in the near future.

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