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Wall Street Veteran Explains Why Shares Could Surge 2000% Before Public Listing

Pro-XRP Wall Street financial analyst Linda Jones recently shared her thoughts on a potential Ripple Initial Public Offering (IPO). Specifically, she elaborated on her belief that the crypto firm was currently undervalued and how the company’s stocks could still rise before it went public. 

Why Ripple’s Stock Could Be Worth 20 Times Its Current Price

Linda Jones used Coinbase’s IPO as a mirror to explain why Ripple’s stock could be worth 20 times its current valuation. She noted that Coinbase was valued at $86 billion when it initially went public, and its stocks traded for as high as $429 during that period. If Ripple were to follow a similar path, then its stock price would be worth more than the $35, which it is currently valued at by private equity platform Linqto, Jones claimed. 

Interestingly, the analyst factored in Ripple’s escrowed XRP holdings while trying to estimate how much the crypto firm could eventually be valued. According to her, Ripple could be valued as high as $107 billion if those escrowed funds (said to be worth $21 billion) are added to the $86 billion (if Ripple were to be valued similarly to Coinbase).

Going by Jones’ analysis, Ripple having a valuation of $107 billion means that the company’s stocks could trade at $600 on the first day of being publicly listed. The analyst then went on to lay out a possible scenario where Ripple is valued at more than $107 billion, the amount under consideration. 

XRP price chart from (Ripple)

XRP price at $0.5 | Source: XRPUSD On

How Ripple Could End Up Being Worth Half A Trillion 

Linda Jones also mentioned that Ripple could end up being worth half a trillion if the SEC’s case against Ripple were to end soon and XRP rises back to its all-time high (ATH). If the latter happens, Ripple’s escrowed XRP holdings will be worth around $150 billion. That could ultimately increase Ripple’s value to about $500 billion, the analyst claims. 

Jones believes that Ripple being valued at $500 billion during the IPO isn’t farfetched, considering that there are companies that are already valued at up to a trillion. She further compared Ripple to the likes of Apple, Microsoft, and Nvidia, suggesting that the crypto firm could match up to these blue chip companies. 

The financial analyst’s belief in Ripple’s potential is why she boldly claims that purchasing Ripple’s stock now is a great investment, as it will only go “up” from here. She also predicts that there could be a new record for a company at its valuation, and Ripple could be that company. 

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